True to form, Kajunga aims to address every angle with a new compilation featuring four infectious dance tracks unique to each artist's sonic palette. Berndt opens with captivating, downtempo rhythms and moody extracts, followed by a smooth n' sassy, electro-esque anthem from Cloudy Kid. Flipping to the B-side, Ryote plunges into a cosmic swamp overflowing in deep-trench clatter, while Private Guy takes on a more enigmatic approach; closing the EP in acidic entanglement.

(12") CAT: KAJUNGA004

A1 Berndt - Dusty 
A2 Cloudy Kid - Peep Show 
B1 Ryote - Orbital Evac 
B2 Private Guy - Pez Pill

Produced in Minneapolis.
Mastered by Complete.
Pressed at Brooklyn Phono.
Artwork by Jeremiah Soup.