Kajunga Program SE.1 EP.11 - Amy Pickett

Season 1 Episode 11 - 02.01.17

We have the utmost respect for our next badass guest. Her enthusiasm and support for the music is never ending. She's sexy, she's talented and has a selection that rivals the best. The long awaited Amy Pickett episode is finally here. Feel the magic.

Kajunga Program Season 1 Episode 9

On this month's episode of Kajunga Program we have the pleasure of presenting a mix from connoisseur disk jockeys Jobot and Jacob Hoffman. Certainly a force to be reckoned with, but will they make it outta this hood alive? Recorded live at Premier Classe.

Kajunga Program Season 1 Episode 7

A midwest favorite – Christian James has been known to deliver the goods, with vibes to spare! The resident of the acclaimed Communion parties in Minneapolis lays it on thick for thiswon. We're proud to showcase his signature style for Episode 7.

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KAJUNGA002 Preview

KAJUNGA002 preview snippets are up! We're proud to present Cloudy Kid's debut artist EP, "Love Life".

Shipping in a few weeks. Release party TBA. Stay tuned.

Kajunga Program Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5 is a jackin' chunk of tunes brought to you by Kajunga artist Ryote. Get out your 4th of July snapper pop-its and throw em all at once. Stay tuned for more snare. Recorded live from DJ Hellhouse. MPLS House & Techno

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Kajunga Program Season 1 Episode 4

The Minneapolis house music community wouldn't be the same without our next guest, Jeff Swiff. He has truly been a driving force thanks to his original productions, remixes, and facilitation of the local House Proud parties. Seriously, the dude is a machine. We'd be surprised if he ever slept.

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